Flexible offices – what does it mean?

Office hotels and coworking has changed the traditional way offices are rented. Flexibility is the new wine!

  • Simple contracts with simple terms

  • Great services and modern facilities

  • Flexibility to scale up and down

Questions and answers

What does a modern office look like?

You may have heard about serviced offices, business centers, flexible workspaces, creative work areas and coworking spaces? A rose by any name would smell as sweet - these are often identical services with different names.

There are more start-ups and scale-ups than ever before, and more demand for flexible office solutions and contracts. As a response landlords and operators have started offering "all in" solutions with flexible terms, ad hoc services and competitive prices. This is a new and exciting time for companies with personalized work environments that promotes productivity and employee engagement - which again will support the ongoing growth of the companies.

As a result of the disruption happening in the office space industry in the later years "serviced offices" or "flexible workspaces" are now available everywhere; it doesn't matter which location you are looking for, which industry you represent, or other specific needs you might have - there is always something that meets all of your needs!

Which types of space can you rent in a serviced office?

  • Private office

    A fully furnished, private, and lockable office, ready for occupancy. Available for all types of businesses, complete with IT infrastructure, chairs, desks, and furniture.

  • Dedicated desk

    Your own desk in a shared office environment or office that is shared with other companies. This usually comes with your own storage and business address.

  • Hot desk

    A membership that gives you access to a work area in a shared office on one or several locations. It could be part-time or full time based on your needs.