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Evolve are specialists in delivering good workplaces with flexible solutions. Sustainability is leading when we choose places, buildings, designs, furniture and fixtures.

Evolve is part of the R8 group, which has created Norway's most energy-friendly building - Powerhouse Telemark. R8 Property has also won the Norwegian Tenant Index 6 years in a row - with Norway's most satisfied tenants.

Why choose Evolve:

Flexibility and sustainability: With a membership in Evolve, you have free access to over 25 Evolve centers. All with good workplaces, meeting rooms and quiet rooms. The centers are top located from Porsgrunn to Fredrikstad - most in the central Oslo area.

We have emphasized sustainability when we designed and decorated the premises. All furniture is produced with environmental certificates and we have used environmentally friendly materials.

Growth and smartness: A business must grow! An Evolve membership provides a good framework for the company's different needs in a growth phase. We have invested in premises, furniture, infrastructure and design. Everything is ready to move in on the day.

The company can focus on market, products and customers. Evolve takes care of the operation of the premises. The solutions, the environment and the atmosphere set the standard for effective and creative collaboration.

Success and social: Your Area Manager in Evolve is also your "Success Manager". We care about you and your business. With a membership in Evolve, you become part of a larger community, where we cheer on each other.

Several social zones where meetings over a cup of coffee can be decisive for how the day turns out. Well-being arises where people meet and at Evolve you will always have the whole city on your doorstep.

Select membership:
Our most flexible membership. Access to all multi-room and office spaces in open zones. Clean Desk applies to this option.
Kr 2 490, - pr. mnd. Including meeting room, coffee and print.

Base is a permanent place in an open landscape with unlimited access to all meeting rooms and multi-rooms.
Kr 3 490, - pr. mnd. Including meeting room, coffee and print.

Gather the team in a separate department - where only the team has access. From 2 to 50+ people.
From NOK 4,990 pr. mnd. Including meeting room, coffee and print.

As a member of Evolve, you have included access to over 25 Evolve centers with over 200 meeting rooms, regardless of membership!

Price per. pers. / month / 1-3 months resignation.


Offices available

Private offices All inclusive Flexible
Private offices
Fixed desks
Open desks
Meeting rooms


  • Evolve - Bjørvika
  • Evolve - Hasle Linje
  • Evolve - Nedre Slottsgate
  • Evolve - Nydalen
  • Evolve - Storo
  • Evolve - Posthuset
  • Evolve - Solli plass
  • Evolve - Storgata
  • Evolve - Parallell
  • Evolve - Inkognito Park (2022)
  • Evolve - Technopolis Fornebu
  • Evolve - Ås
  • Evolve - Asker Tek
  • Evolve - Lensmannslia
  • Evolve - Lysaker, Lysaker Torg
  • Evolve - Lysaker, Philip Pedersens vei
  • Evolve - Rosenholm Campus
  • Evolve - Sandvika
  • Evolve - Lundkvartalet
  • Evolve - Drammen
  • Evolve - Drammen Business Center
  • Evolve - Tønsberg
  • Evolve - Torp
  • Evolve - Powerhouse Telemark
  • Evolve - Kammerherreløkka
  • Evolve - Fredrikstad

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